You, our faculty and staff, are key partners of Broward College Alumni & Friends. You are often at the frontline of student engagement, and you create and maintain connections with former students and graduates.

We welcome a partnership with you to celebrate and recognize the successes of your former students and alumni - highlighting and giving visibility to their achievements. Together, let’s show future #BCProudAlumni the impact of a Broward College education.

Faculty & Staff Toolkit

Download the Faculty & Staff Alumni Toolkit for resources to empower you to build enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with Broward College alumni.

At Broward College, alumni are any former students who successfully completed one course. Since its founding in 1960, over 1 million alumni have come through the College.

Broward College Alumni and Friends believes that lifelong and successful alumni engagement begins the moment that students arrive on campus or open their computers to take their first course.

Positive and nurturing experiences as students impact affinity to the College and future alumni engagement. Your role as student educators and advocates makes a profound impact on the sentiment our alumni and graduates hold towards the College.

  • When a department or faculty collaborate with Alumni & Friends on an event, we can support outreach through email communications, social media and by including the event on our website and in our newsletter. 
  • If your department already produces an electronic newsletter, please share with us so that we can promote what is going on all around the different Broward College campuses.
  • We can partner with your department on specific messages from your department chair and/or messages from your dean to an alumni audience.  
  • We can explore using faculty and staff in webinars, lectures, and panels that can be shared with Alumni & Friends.
  • We can partner with you to develop a communication strategy for specific programs or initiatives.

  • If you post alumni highlights, spotlights or news articles about alumni, please include all graduation years and share the alumni news with us at
  • Also, if you, or any colleagues or members of your department are alumni, we encourage you to include your graduation year or years of attendance in email signatures. This signals pride in our institution as alma mater and employer. We encourage you to please share this proudly on LinkedIn and your professional biographies wherever they may appear.