Broward College Alumni & Friends is your network connecter, keeping you engaged with Broward College and your fellow alumni. We do this by offering a variety of ways for you to become involved and stay connected through interactive opportunities such as events, webinars, and volunteering.

Who are our alumni? Alumni are those who have taken and successfully completed at least one course at Broward College. A graduate is anyone holding a certificate, associate degree or bachelor’s degree from Broward College. Alumni, graduates, and friends all have access to an ever-growing pool of resources and benefits.

Since 1983, Broward College has recognized alumni through the Alumni Hall of Distinction who have made outstanding contributions in professional, civic, public and philanthropic arenas and have demonstrated how their lives have been enriched by their educational experiences at their alma mater. 


The first alumni group started in 1966, six years after the founding of Broward College. Since 1960, more than one million students have taken a course at Broward College, and that number grows bigger each year as course and degree offerings expand. Broward College is an award-winning institution of higher learning producing graduates in healthcare, aviation, public safety, and technology to name only a few of the high-demand professions in which our alumni excel and shine.

International Alumni

Since 1974 Broward College has been a leader in international education partnering with colleges and universities throughout the world to provide American educational opportunities to students who live outside of the United States. The Broward College International Education program model allows students to stay in their home country and complete an associate degree before transferring to a university in the U.S. to finish the final two years of the degree. Broward College has International Centers in Bolivia, Brazil, China - Shanghai, China - Zhejiang, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Peru, Spain, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Wherever you are in the world, Broward College Alumni & Friends is here to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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