Deborah Hefferin

 Professor of Speech Communication



My name is Deborah Hefferin and I teach the basic communication courses on North Campus. You will probably enroll in either SPC 1024 or SPC 1600 to meet your general education requirement. You will find more information about those courses and to support your course success at this website.


I started teaching at BCC-North in 1986. I came here from Illinois where I grew up, received my degrees, and taught at a community college for over 10 years. I enjoy the students, colleagues, and vision of Broward Community College. If knowledge is power, then education is the key.


I believe that being involved is very important to gaining knowledge. Just as you need to be involved in your education and participate in campus activities, so do I. In addition to teaching, I serve as the North Campus Learning Communities Coordinator. Ask me about them! I also chair the college Curriculum Committee and serve on the college Learning Communities Committee. On campus I work with the Honors and Instructional Design Committees.


I am also active with the professional speech associations. I regularly attend and make presentations at the National, Southern States, and Florida Communication Associations. I am currently the 1st Vice President of the FCA and am busy planning the 75th Jubilee Convention.


I am looking forward to working with you and helping you to become a more successful communicator. ~ Professor Deborah Hefferin



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